Introducing Open Up Project

A proactive movement to promote student safety and well-being. Anyone in any school can do it.

In schools in America today, we lock in. We lock down. And we should! Student safety is critical. But if we can be REactive, closing down... shouldn’t we spend some time being PROactive? Isn’t it time to Open Up?

Open Up Project empowers schools to create a safe space where students can collaboratively work through issues affecting student social and emotional health.


What is Open Up Project?

  • A turnkey lesson plan
  • A conversation
  • A therapeutic art project
  • A community
  • An opportunity for students, faculty, and administration to come together


How do we Open Up?


View the three project options, view examples, and download project templates.

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Get Started

Download the template and get started immediately!

Discuss the questions then create an image that reflects the concept of “opening up". It could simply be words and or images. Students can either work on the template individually and then present and discuss collectively once completed or they can work in small groups on one together.

Celebrate your piece by posting a picture online using #OPENUPPROJECT

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